Put Down The Weird Shakey Weight, Save Your Back From Crunches, And Treat Yourself To a Cookie As…

To finally crack the code and discover why you can’t seem to shake the excess weight that nags your midsection, thighs, arms or legs, keep your eyes glued to this page, because all of the groundbreaking weight loss truths you’ve been looking for are right here, including:

  • Why each and every diet, weight loss method, and exercise routine you’ve tried has failed you miserably (and it’s got nothing to do with you)
  • Why the diet and weight loss industry snickers behind your back every time you try a new diet plan, buy a new piece of exercise equipment, or purchase a new weight loss supplement
  • How to look 20 pounds thinner instantly (i.e. RIGHT NOW) while shedding the weight that’s been bugging you for weeks, months or even years
  • How to never again waste your hard-earned money on gimmicks, scams and methods that do not work.

And if you’ve been struggling to lose weight, it’s time to look in the mirror, and face FATS…

…Or, face that nagging 10-20 pounds you’re desperate to shed.  Either way, carrying around extra weight is a burden you do not need to deal with.

First, you need to meet this presentation with a completely open mind. That means forgetting every single thing you’ve ever read, seen or heard about the battle of losing weight and getting the slim, toned and sexy body that’s closer to you than you think.

In fact, it’ll greatly benefit you to forget what you consider fact, because the better majority (if not all) of those “facts” are flat out lies.

The truth is, the diet and weight loss industries are covertly doing everything in their power to keep that nagging weight on you (we’ll get to that in just a second).

  • FORGET that you have to eat tasteless foods and give up the food you love…
  • FORGET that you have to spend hours a day doing boring cardio exercise…
  • FORGET that you have to get your hands on the latest and greatest infomercial gimmicky piece of exercise equipment…
  • FORGET the concept of “fad” diets entirely. They’re fads for a reason, and here it is: they’ll help you shed a few pounds of WATER weight that you’ll put back on in a month or less. Once everyone realizes that, the fad is as tired and expired as the beehive hairstyle.
  • FORGET that you have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on so-called “new age” supplements, pills, powders, shakes and pre-packaged meals (these may be the biggest scam of all).

You’re reading this right. The multi-million dollar corporations that concoct these ideas devote all of their time, money and energy into ingraining these beliefs in your head and keeping you blind to what really works to make you lose weight and look thinner.

Why would the big corporations do that? Well, deep down, you probably already know why.

If you lost the weight you’ve been looking to lose, you wouldn’t be one of their customers anymore. They simply need to keep you chubby, or fat, in order to pad their bank accounts, fuel their private jets, or whatever the heck it is they do with their obscene amounts of money.

I’d bet my house that you already know that the bland diets, tedious cardio, and nasty prepackaged meals don’t work. Why would I make that bet? Well, because you’ve probably already tried one, if not all, of those before. Yet here you still are, dissatisfied with your body, looking for a solution.

Today you’re going to finally unlock the key to why you haven’t lost weight, and how you can look thinner instantly (you read that right, in mere minutes time) while losing the weight that’s been plaguing you, quickly and permanently.

Sounds pretty bold, huh? I’m going to prove it to you beyond any shadow of a doubt in just a minute, so don’t worry.


Before I do that, it’s critically important that I share the exact story of who I am with you, because

Hey! I’m Lauren and I’m a hard-working professional woman playing with the big boys.  With a demanding job in the financial field, that keeps me busy from 4:30 am to 7 pm each weekday, following a “strict” diet routine was never in the cards for me. But looking good is a must!

For years, I struggled to lose weight in order to keep up an appearance of success, and years of my life and thousands of my dollars were wasted in this struggle. I shudder to count up all the money and time I threw away in my quest to lose weight with group meetings, and I shudder more when I think about all of the designer clothes and sweet vacations I could have taken with that money instead.

$30/month gym memberships, $500/month personal trainer fees, and thousands more spent on pills, supplements, books, point-counting programs, work out tapes and exercise equipment never got me the better body I wanted: the type of body I saw on billboards, in magazine ads, and all over the television screen and I wanted to find an easy way to have it.

Yet deep down I knew it was possible for me to look as good as I wanted to. I created a way to look 20 pounds thinner instantly, from 160 pounds to 140 pounds. Everyday and every night, I began to collect the secrets to help me look thinner without committing to a diet or workout plan. I want to share these secrets with you!

I didn’t (and now certainly don’t) give genes a lot of credit to my weight. I have slim friends with chunky parents, and vice versa. There simply had to be more pressing factors in why I couldn’t have the body I wanted.If others could look slim and sexy, why couldn’t I?

Why can’t you?

Because just like I was, you were trying all of the wrong things. That isn’t your fault. You’re practically beaten over the head each and every day with new dieting “solutions” that are meant to distract you from the body that’s hiding under a few, easy to shed, layers of flab.

I finally decided to ditch all of the crap I had been trying for years. It wasn’t working. If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s a waste of time to keep doing it. In fact, it’s what Einstein called “insanity.”

So, much like you’re doing right now by being on this page, I took Einstein’s timelessly wise advice, and tried something totally different.

I threw away the ridiculous exercise gadgets, the expensive pills, and I canceled my sessions with my personal trainer. I then put my Ivy League degree in neuroscience and psychology to work for me.

See, it’s the mind that regulates our body, and it’s the eyes that see and recognize fat. So I decided to try something brand new, in fact, something quite revolutionary, and work on changing my mind, and fooling the eyes.



On top of that, I also discovered how to look 20 pounds lighter instantly.You can look 20 pounds thinner today.

In fact I’ve uncovered  15 ways you can immediately look 20 pounds lighter. These are secrets I have collected from real life experience, tips that have been tested by women in my same position. The vast majority of these are not covered in any sort of nutritional guide or magazine. You already know why that is. The makers of those magazines worry that if you could instantly look thinner, you’ll stop buying their magazines! But now, this wealth of Hollywood and my own insider secrets is here, at your disposal. All you need to do is get inside and put these easy secrets to work for you.

I now know the greatest secret the folks at all of those nutra-whatever companies want to straight up slap me (and maybe even do more damage to me) for revealing, and that’s how you can immediately look slimmer, sexier, and feel happier using everything you ALREADY have. Your own clothes, your own body, you literally need nothing more than what you’ve already got, and the secrets you’re going to access today.



  • The Holy Grail: The simple (yet incredibly sneaky) ways you can look 20 pounds thinner right now. Without exercise, without a scary “fast,” and without a “magical” shake that merely causes you to lose 20 pounds of WATER that you’ll regain in a flash.
  • The Bra Secret: My fellow ladies, you probably already consider your bra a good friend who offers you a lot of support. ;) But there is a Hollywood trick to picking the right bra that will immediately make you look more slim and toned, you’ve got to check this out.
  • Sleep It Off: How to lose more weight in your sleep than you ever thought possible (hell, you’ve GOT to sleep anyway, why not shed as much fat as possible while you do it!)
  • The Right Shirt Rule: Have you ever tried on shirt after shirt in the dressing room, only to leave the store with nothing? You’ll never have to go through this tedious and confidence-crushing experience again. With my Right Shirt Rule, you’ll be able to immediately pick the shirts that will flatter your body and slim out your figure right from the rack. This is a nifty little trick that’s going to make shopping more fun for you, forever.
  • Think It Off: The subtle societal and emotional triggers that force your mind to HOLD ON to your excess body fat, and how to become immune to them and allow your body to burn fat no matter what stresses you may currently feel. People are always shocked by how well this works, and you will be too.
  • All Jeans Make You Skinny Now:  How to make every pair of jeans you own skinny jeans no matter what style they are or what style of jeans is your favorite. My “Jeans Trick” is the only guaranteed method to being comfortable and confident in your jeans. From here on out, muffin-tops, spare handles and the struggle to zip-up are banished from your life for good!
  • Instantly Slim For An Event: Got a date, wedding, party, or other big event coming up? I guarantee that you can look how you want to, slim and healthy, for that event, even if it is TODAY. No other program with such a guarantee exists (and the weight loss industry wants it that way), but it is possible, and you deserve to be armed with this knowledge. Even if it makes weight loss executives cry, it’ll make you happier with your body than you thought you could be.
  • The Unflattering Clothes That Are In Your Closet Right Now: One style of clothing you should avoid like the plague that makes you look chubbier, that I see loads of other women wearing each and every day. Get inside Look 20 Pounds Thinner Instantly and you’ll never make this crucial, yet easily avoidable, mistake again.
  • Leave These On The Health Store’s Shelves: So-called healthy foods you should expel from your diet. It’ll probably bring you great joy to discover what these foods are, because you may be forcing yourself to eat these foods when they’re bringing you no benefits at all.
  • Instant Slim Foods: The foods that actually lead to increased fat-burning and a more sculpted body; and they taste great, too. These will shock you.
  • Models’ Photographing Secrets: The 7 sly tricks models use to look slimmer in pictures. I’m blowing the roof on these closely-guarded modeling secrets to reveal how you can look model thin in pictures with ease. You’ll be changing that Facebook picture in no time, I promise.
  • Your Hairdo Ain’tDoin’ It For You: The haircuts and styles that best suit and slim your face and upper body. Most women have no idea how to properly style their hair for their face and body type, but you won’t be among “most women.” You’ll be confident, sexy, and look as slim as you possibly can.

 And much, much more.


As you think about getting inside Look 20 Pounds Lighter Instantly, you realize how great it’ll feel to immediately look thinner and sexier, how you’ll smile wide as you receive compliments from family, friends and even strangers, and how special you’ll feel with the envy of those who want to know your secrets.

So let’s take a quick second out to celebrate (trust me, it’s worth it).

Celebrate saying goodbye to dropping $30/month or more on going to the gym.

Say goodbye to spending $999 on that piece of exercise equipment that’ll do nothing but be an eyesore in your living room or den.

Say goodbye to spending $99/month on pills that will make your heart race for a few hours, but won’t help you shed a pound of fat.

Truly! Celebrate! Because you’re never going to waste that money again once you get Look 20 Pounds Thinner Instantly.

In fact, what are you going to spend that new found savings on?

Maybe you’ll finally pick up the sexier clothes you see donning mannequins in store windows.

Or go on dates with old or new partners that, with your new found vigor and confidence, will be steamier and more passionate than ever before.

Or maybe you’ll go on vacations and show off your instantly slimmer body on hot beaches.

Or maybe you’ll do ALL of these things with your new body and more exciting life, just like I have.


How much is the trim body you want worth to you?

How much is more stamina, improved health, and a life with more vitality and energy worth to you?

How much is an extended, healthier life worth to you?

I know those things are worth a lot, because if you’re anything like me, you’ve already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to get there.

But today is a new day.

To celebrate the launch of Look 20 Pounds Thinner Instantly I’m releasing the guide to the public for the lowest one-time investment ever. Rather than the hundreds you’d have to shell out on exercise equipment, pills, point-counting programs, and gym memberships, your investment in yourself today will be a low, one-time $47. That’s it. For the cost of one meal out with your partner, you can tap into all of the instantly slimming secrets that the entire weight-loss industry has been hiding from you.

After this launch period has ended, however, you will have to invest more for Look 20 Pounds Thinner Instantly, a minimum of $97. Don’t wait to discover the secrets to an instantly slimmer and sexier body.

Since your investment today is completely risk free, there is no reason not to satisfy your curiosity and get the secrets to an immediately more slender-looking body right now.

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As you think about getting this system, imagine that happy feeling you’ve been looking high and low for, finally filling you up as friends say to you “What have you been doing lately?” and “What is your secret?”

You’ll smile gladly that you have the secrets they don’t.

Without working out, tasteless diets, and without dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars, you finally look 20 pounds lighter, and you did it faster than you ever imagined…

…In fact, you did it today.

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To an instantaneously thinner you,


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